Modern sport is now big business and ranks high among the leading forms of entertainment. This has brought with it an increase in competing interests in sport. The socio-economic impact of sport has also attracted attention from national governments and other regulators.

entertainment Law

As the entertainment industry continues to expand, so is the interest in the industry from various stakeholders and regulators. There is now an increasing need to understand the regulatory framework ranging from international conventions and regulations that impact the rights of entertainers.

employment Law

Employment relationships have a long history of contestation and remain heavily contested in South Africa. The current economic climate has not helped the situation either. Differences between employers and employees continue to grow and the challenges for compliance also continue to grow.

immigration Law

The impact of globalisation on the movement of people is undeniable. South Africa is a favourite destination for tourists, entertainers, sportspersons among others. However, if not handled properly, visiting, or migrating to, South Africa can be a very complex and frustrating process.